Breaking Ground at LACMA

VR viewing device at the LACMA lab.

VR viewing device at the LACMA lab.

Stacks at the LACMA studio

In a nicely lit florescent studio filled with periodicals and art history books we began to break ground at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). With long birch tables, white walls and windows opening up to a manicured lawn and fountain one would think we were at a newly opened Apple store than in a museum. We embarked on building the foundation of this installation and lucky for us we were provided a space that encourages creativity and risk. Even more fortunate was that we were still able to connect with our Boston group 3,000 miles and 60 degrees away.

To start we began by testing out the VR technology and seeing how it would translate into a public intervention. We have been close to this work for a few weeks now, but a bigger challenge would be confronting what is still foreign and experimental technologyIMG_2917with new audience. Fresh eyes will be the true test of this project as we merge classical museum space with a public art performance. We discussed wearing lab coats and gloves on the days of installation which, while also adding to the aesthetic of the art form, will also help prepare our audience with a proper mindset. This is experimental and will take some imagination and ingenuity, both from us and our public testers.

We diligently worked, either by figuring out logistical concerns or by building the components needed for the project. It was nice to see our work starting to find its home within the museum and will be even more rewarding to see it running on the plaza as a host to many more people.


Moving forward we will be thinking more about the things we have lost. What we create will range from literal objects to profound metaphorical statements that will hopefully enlighten and unify the human consciousness and the human experience. What we are doing is highly technical and many of us are still working out the pathways of the IMG_2911various applications and resources necessary for such an endeavor. However, what we will accomplish is half scientific and half artistic. We are all here or something much more than a 4 credit course.

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