Arman Ataman



I’ve been having issues with creating a final concept for my final project. I finally decided that, i wanted to go from my life. Through out my life i have been living in different places and i havent really had a place to call home. So I thought about not not having a home and the world being my home. Then I thought about globalization and borders disappearing through advancements in transportation and communications.

For the first part I decided to take the world map as daqri marker. The 3d Image that will come up will erase the borders and  put road signs on the places i have lived (relating to my ideas from before), it will also put white picket fence around the map as a metaphor of home and world being our home.

Lost Way.

The idea of loosing my way has been an idea itching my mind for a long time. Especially now that the end of my college life is almost over and I have so many options. I have been reflecting on what I want to be in the future and what I wanted be as a child.

I think I always wanted to create as a kid. I was very involved with music and visual arts (drawing and painting). But life and opportunities have intervened and I am somewhere I would never imagine to be and I understand that life is very unexpected. Now that I have total control over my life with out the interventions of teachers and parents the decision making process is even harder.

So as I make these decisions I want to reflect to my past and where my decision took me. I want to create the ways I took and objects that are essential to my personality. This will be a testament to how true or not I have been to my self.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.08.55 PM


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