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MacArthur Park + Pershing Square :: Avatar Documentation

Layar Screenshots : Grand Central Market : Ninja 2 + iPhone Captures : New Avatar Models : MacArthur Park : Advertisements

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Presentation to Emerson Board of Trustees :: Teleconference-Style Classroom + Augmented Reality

Four Seasons Presentation + Class ::

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EEG AR Clinic :: LACMA Art + Technology Lab

Feb 21, 2015 — Art + Technology Lab — “Things We Have Lost”

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Pershing Square Excursion :: Layar + Lost Things

Traveled to Pershing Square with Mike today & captured some of our Lost Things ::            

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Lost Transit :: Red Car Railway System

After placing the Red Car on Sunset BLVD, Craig and I were able to use the Layar app to go take a look at {as well as get some screen captures of} the car back in action: The PE 655 … Continue reading

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LACMA Art + Technology Lab: EEG AR Clinic and AR Viewing, Setup

Today we worked at LACMA while some of our peers worked in Boston. They were there with us though, just on the other side of the screen (and several feet of snow, I hear). At LACMA, we set up our … Continue reading

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Working with Maya to create the Lucianna Avatar

Working with Maya to clean up what 1-2-3DCATCH produced with photogrammetry, and save it as an OBJ file. 3D ME !

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