Field Production

During the production phase of the project, we will go out to as many locations around the city and interview people on the streets about things, tangible or intangible, that they have lost, creating a database of lost objects and avataric representations of the people themselves.

In 2012, during the first iteration of this project at FACT in Liverpool, people were selected at random in the streets of the city and simply asked, “What have you lost?” The location was recorded and a series of virtual lost objects were created based on the responses given. The objects were then placed back in the exact GPS coordinates where the encounter took place, creating a citywide network of lost things, viewable on any mobile device.

I will ask for a small team of volunteers for each of these field production excursions. Volunteer roles will include camera, video, sound and directing. The individuals who we encounter will be asked to fill out and sign a release form indicating NAME, EMAIL, a statement of agreement, tick boxes for USE MY NAME or ANONYMOUS, and a signature line.



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