Marker Tracking AR

  • Create an account at DAQRI


Download the free DAQRI Augmented Reality App to view this image with any late model iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.
  • Create a Lost Object Avatar Model via 123dCatch and Maya. (See Self Portrait Avatar Project)
  • Open and Login to DAQRI 4D Studio.
  • Create a New Project: Choose Publication  –> Upload Tracking Image –> Save
  • Allow new project to Process.
  • Open the project Designer.
  • Open Chapter Effects (blue button, top right) –> Enable “Default Lighting” –> Save
  • Drag the 3D Object icon onto tracking image and open .fbx file.
  • When it is ready, the 4D option will become available.
  • Use the Move, Rotate and Scale icons to transform and properly place object over tracking image.
  • Publish!

Unity: ELA: Unity 4.5.3f3, DAQRI: 4.5.5p2, EC: 4.6.1


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