Michael Anderson

Recently I have discovered a local prop shop, which has two large buildings full of cinema worthy props, to willingly allow us to take pictures for future avatars. From a short tour through only one of their buildings its was easy to see that the assortments of cinema quality props would be a great asset towards this project.

IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1160 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1167 IMG_1168

LACMA Feb 5th- 12th

Set up within LACMA’s main plaza on a beautiful 75 degree day, February 5th 2015,  John Craig Freeman along with a select few of his students tested the EEG AR viewing experience. The project was not set up specifically for the museum-goers at LACMA, however the project was ready enough to put on display for the public.Guest at LACMA trying to get a glimpse of Augmented Reality through our EEG AR viewing devices were able to on this day, the purpose of this early set up was more for organizational and technical purposes. After the test trial day was done, all errors and unexpected difficulties, as well as data of what worked accordingly was recorded for when the project goes live.

IMG_1199  IMG_1202


What is different from today rather than when the project goes live at LACMA on February 12th 2015 is primarily that we will have more EEG AR viewing devices so that we can attempt to draw in a larger number of participants. Another notable difference is that when the project goes live we will continue to create and virtually place more 3D Avatars throughout the winter and spring of 2015.

Feb 12th

Today February 12th the project taking place in the LACMA plaza is live. Since last weeks test run Craig has done some work with reanimating the objects, so that they move better within the LACMA plaza. Since the test run had only minor issues not much changes have been made and already the digital 3D art is receiving a very positive response from museum attendants.

IMG_1267            IMG_1268


Also, today people taking interest in the Augmented reality project are downloading Layar and taking a look of the avatars placed in the LACMA plaza on their own.

IMG_1269        IMG_1275


2015-04-15 11.11.09

2015-04-15 11.11.42
As of April 15th, after working closely with Craig Freeman, Emerson Augmented is running with one model asset, sitting right atop the 5th floor terrace and fire pit.


To find the layer on Layar, all you need to do is search for Emerson Augmented and look for the picture of ours colleges founding father. More models will be coming soon.


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