Augmented Reality/Photogrammetry Workshop


This four–hour workshop provides novice users with hands-on, expert introduction to two emerging technologies augmented reality and photogrammetrytechnologies:

Augmented reality can be used to place virtual 3D objects so that appear anchored to a tracking image.

Photogrammetry is a technique that converts sets of photographs into 3D models.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Create a photogrammetry self portrait avatar
  • Make the avatar viewable as augmented reality
  • Understand how to use mobile augmented reality browsers
  • Test, view and document their work

Participation Requirements:
Participants are encouraged bring a late model mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone); however, extra devices will be provided for those who cannot provide such a mobile device. Students will be provided with the necessary access to state-of-the-art computer equipment and Internet connection.

Download the free DAQRI Augmented Reality App to view this image with any late model iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.


Photograph Subject

  • Orbit subject and take up to 70 individual photographs
  • Imagine avatar in context and take a Tracking Image without subject

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Process Photogrammetry


  • Process Capture
  • File > Open
  • File > Export OBJ > Download OBJ Package


Cleanup Geometry

  • Launch Maya
  • File > Project Window > New > Location > Navigate to hard drive
  • Name project Firstname_Lastname_Project > Accept
  • From Finder > Open project directory (Firstname_Lastname_Project) > Create folder titled “OBJs” > Drag 123D Catch OBJ package into project directory (Firstname_Lastname_Project/OBJs) folder
  • Open .jpg in Photoshop > Save For Web > Resize to 1024px > Save to project directory (Firstname_Lastname_Project/sourceimages) folder
  • File > Import > Navigate to OBJs folder > Select “mesh.obj” > Import


  • Viewport Menubar > Shading > Hardware Texturing, (6)
  • Hypershade/Persective preset
  • Graph > Materials > Attribute Editor
  • Ambient Color > Turn down (move left)
  • Graph > Texture > Attribute Editor
  • Color attribute link > reassign file texture to 1024px version from project directory (Firstname_Lastname_Project/sourceimages)
  • Select by Object Type > Rotate x = -90
  • Save Scene As = Firstname_Lastname.mb


  • Select by component type > Select Faces > “Shift f” to frame entire image > Select and delete unwanted faces


  • Select by Object Type > D to edit pivot point > X to snap to grid > move to origin
  • Menubar > Modify > Freeze Transformations
  • Select object > Menubar > Edit > Delete by Type > History


  • Save Scene

Export to FBX

  • Menubar > Window > Settings/Preferences > Plugin Manager > √ “fbxmaya.bundle”
  • Select Object > File > Export Selection > Save = Firstname_Lastname.fbx
  • Files of Type: = FBX
  • Embed Media > √ Embed Media
  • Create a folder titled FBXs

Create Marker Tracking Augmented Reality

Enable WebGL in your Browser

  • Create an account at DAQRI
  • Open and Login to DAQRI 4D Studio
  • Create a New Project
  • Add Content
  • Publication > Next
  • Upload Tracking Image > Next > Save (must be less than 10MB)


  • Allow new project to process
  • Open the project Designer
  • Open Chapter Effects (blue button, top right) > Enable “Default Lighting” > Save


  • Drag the 3D Object icon onto tracking image and open .fbx file
  • When it is ready, the 4D option will become available


  • Use the Move, Rotate and Scale icons to transform and properly place object over tracking image
  • Publish

Test Your Work

  • View Tracking Image with the DAQRI Augmented Reality browser

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